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Understanding the Patient Billing Process:

EMT’s Billing and Payment Policy: 

About a week after receiving care from EMT, a patient will receive a billing statement for services provided. The bill will provide an itemization of the services provided and the fees charged. Payment of the account is required within 30 days of receipt of the bill.


Most private insurance purchased individually or through an employer group plan and government medical coverage such as Medicare and Medicaid will cover medically necessary emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation. As a courtesy to our patients, EMT will submit a claim to our patients’ insurance.  If a patient has coverage, it is important to provide all of the coverage information to the paramedic or EMT at the time of service or to the Patient Business Services offices as soon as possible after receiving services.


If a patient does not have insurance coverage of any kind, the bill for EMT services will be due directly from the patient. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of the bill. EMT will accept a patient’s personal check, Visa or MasterCard.  

A patient also may make payment arrangements by phone by contacting

EMT’s Patient Business Services at

1-888-689-6446, or Contact Us.

All patients are required to provide signatures

that acknowledge consent to treatment and transportation, provide authorization to submit

a bill on your behalf...

Answers to your Patient Billing Questions

Why do we require your signature prior to non-critical treatment?

Unlike certain other public services that are supported by tax revenue, private ambulance services are generally only funded by user fees.

Tax payers fund public services such as...

How are privately provided

emergency service different?

EMT provides comprehensive non-emergency transportation services to patients who need to be safely transported from one location to another. Insurance plans may cover...

Does my insurance cover

non-emergency services?

In general, Medicare will cover medically necessary ambulance transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility.  Most Emergency ambulance transportation generally...

What Does Medicare Cover?

Certain medically necessary non-emergency ambulance transports are covered by Medicare, but wheelchair services are not covered a benefit under the Medicare program...

About non-emergency

ambulance transportation:

While Medicare is a Federal program for qualified citizens over the age of 65, and for certain other qualified disabled citizens, Medicaid is a State program intended to...

What Does Medicaid Cover?

If you don’t have any insurance coverage of any kind, the bill for your services will be due directly from you. If you have a membership...

What if no coverage exists?

Ambulance provider fees typically include a base charge for the transport, a mileage fee, and charges for any procedures, supplies...

How does EMT set its fees and rates?

Insurance coverage varies widely from policy to policy. It is important that you review your insurance coverage to be sure that...

What does insurance cover?

If you are unable to make payment on a bill for service from EMT, please contact us for affordable monthly payment arrangements.  

We are here to work with you! Call or email our billing department at 330-478-4111 or Contact Us.


We also offer memberships which can eliminate out of pocket expenses for medically necessary use of our services.  Membership prices range from $10-$25 per year for an entire family.  Memberships can not be purchased for services already performed.  SORRY!

To have a membership mailed to your home, please contact our dispatch center at 800-739-7661 or Contact Us HERE

Unable to pay the bill you received?

Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.

CMN Download (pdf): 

Below are two "Certificate of Medical Necessity" forms, one for Wheelchair and the other for Ambulance. Click on the button to download the needed form, fill it out and return.

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