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Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.

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Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene Response:

Hurricane Sandy:  2012, New York and New Jersey 

October 27 18:30hrs:

We received the order to deploy 4 units to Fort Dix in Burlington New Jersey and within a few hours were on our way.  The following morning at 11:55hrs we received an additional deployment order for 2 additional units to also deploy to Fort Dix and before we could even leave the garage, we received an additional order for 2 more units to deploy to a base location in Lakehurst New Jersey.  Due to the very LARGE population in the area that the storm was projected to hit, it was very difficult for FEMA to gauge their need, with the rapidly changing path projection of the storm.   Storms in the northern areas of the US are challenging in different ways from what we are used to in the South, as afterwards it has a good chance to get VERY COLD!  After many long cold days, and numerous successful missions, we were released from service on November 13th, just over two weeks since we last slept in our own beds!

Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.

Hurricane Irene:  2011, New York 

In the wee hours of the morning of August 26 2011, we were again summonsed to respond with FEMA to Stewart Air Force Base in Newburg, NY with 6 ALS units.    This storm didn’t have the impact it looked as it would, so much of our work was moving folks from place to place to insure the hospitals and nursing facilities that were most likely to lose power, were not full of critical patients.  They had us then move the folks back to where they belonged.  We were released August 30 without incident and returned to our bases.

24-hour emergency:  330-484-4000