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Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.

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We will continue hosting CPR classes and continuing education on as needed basis.  Watch this site for further info!   For further CPR information contact  The American Heart Association.

Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.

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Technology Update:  

GPS Vehicle Tracking Dispatch Software

Beginning with the initial call for service when our dispatcher types the address where the ambulance is requested, our software then locates that address on our GPS system, which then identifies the location of all ambulances which are available to respond to that emergency.


All this within SECONDS!


Our dispatcher then selects the closest ambulance by simply "clicking" the mouse on that truck.  The crew is then automatically paged and the call is immediately sent to the in-truck computer which displays this call to the ambulance crew, along with an on screen map showing both their current location, as well as the location that they are being requested to respond to.  Also provided is any notes from previous trips to that address to further aid our staff in treating you quickly and properly!


GPS satellite tracking follows the ambulance through this entire process, and all the way to the hospital.  Our job can be accomplished without this level of technology, but not to the precision accomplished with this system in place.  


The only way to properly respond to a life-threatening emergency is to be prepared properly for it BEFORE it happens!


This technology also allows us to give our exact position to approaching medical helicopters when their help is needed on a critically ill or trauma patient unmanageable by ground medical transportation.  This system, coupled with our advanced UHF/VHF radio systems allow us to talk to an approaching rescue helicopter up to 100 nautical miles away and convey our exact position in GPS terminology understood by their crews.  


We adopted this technology in the first quarter of 2004, and at the time were part of only a handful of services in the COUNTRY that were embracing this level of technology in their ambulances.