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Corporate Headquarters

7100 Whipple Ave NW 

North Canton, Ohio 44720

Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.

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Business Line 330-478-4111            24-hour emergency:  800-739-7661 


Why work for EMT?

As a EMT or Paramedic, you have many choices on where you can gain employment.  Why would you want to be a part of our team?

We Offer:  

• Competitive wages with overtime available. (paid at time and 1/2)

• Company matched 401k retirement plan secured through ADP with full web access.

• Major Medical provided with 50% of premium paid by company.

• Dental, Vision, and disability offered as a cafeteria plan thru Aflac.

• Company offered Continuing Medical Education

• Presently developing a Tactical EMS response team to assist local law enforcement.

• State of the Art CAD dispatch system with In-Dash computers in our vehicles providing real-time moving maps driven by GPS.

• Bonus pay incentives for night-time ambulance calls.

• Free BROADBAND INTERNET ACCESS at our stations for use between calls!  

Browse the net, check your email, download music, watch videos, all while at work.

• Most of our units are equipped with new Stryker 750lb power cots to lessen the load!

• Every station has large screen TV's with over 140 channels to pass the time between jobs.

• Free unlimited domestic LONG DISTANCE PERSONAL CALLING from station phone while on duty.  

(Some places actually have pay phones for you to use at work!)

• Late model well equipped ambulances and transport vehicles.

• Dash mounted "drive cams" which protect you if involved in an accident.

• Yearly company picnic with swimming, food and fun, Christmas party, and other social gatherings.

• Yearly comprehensive point based evaluation.

• Centrally dispatched from our State of the Art communications center in Canton, Ohio.

• Always looking for expansion areas. - Email us to discuss opportunities for expansion!

• Municipally contracted as a 911 provider and privately contracted with multiple hospitals and

care facilities throughout Ohio and West Virginia.

• Financially stable corporation with "A-1" credit rating listed with Dun & Bradstreet since 1996.


We are a highly computer driven company constantly striving to stay on the "cutting edge" of both patient care, as well as resource management.  Our system GPS tracks your rig at 15 second intervals to ensure that the CLOSEST ambulance dispatched to the correct address in the shortest length of time.  If you have seen something really neat on an ambulance on television or on an ambulance somewhere, if it's truly a good idea, then you'll probably find it in the back of ours!


Emergency Medical Transport, Inc.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Our service incorporates the latest technologies in patient care equipment.

We constantly strive to have the latest and newest advances in proven EMS

equipment on our vehicles.  All of our units are GPS tracked in 10 second intervals which report back to our dispatch center to insure our closest available unit is sent to you when you need help.  If you see it on TV in the back of an ambulance and it really exists, you will likely find it in the back of ours. 

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